LMBA's 2020-21 Board

Updated: Jun 16

Your new executive board is ready to take over. Congratulations to 2019-20 President Raina Wagner for an excellent year and tremendous leadership. Your 2020-21 Board:

James F. Johnson


Lionel Greaves IV


Miles Russell

Vice President - Membership

Andra Kranzler

Vice President - Events

Joel C. Odimba Jr.


Tinny Faulker


Raina V. Wagner

Immediate Past President (ex-officio)

Jackee Walker

Member at Large

Morgan Maxey

Member at Large - Eastern Washington

Shantrice Anderson

Member at Large

Bianca A. Connell-Flint

Member at Large

Hon. Anita M. Crawford-Willis

Member at Large

Sarah Elerson

Member at Large

Mailing Address:

 P.O Box 1873  Seattle, WA 98111