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Program Manager - Chief of Enforcement

In the Division of Consumer Services, you will enjoy work-life balance while enforcing consumer financial laws. Consumer protection is at the heart of what we do, whether we are regulating emerging FinTech industries like those dealing in cryptocurrency or more established forms of money transmission, escrow, consumer lending, and loan servicing. We license and conduc

t examinations of the people and companies in those industries, and take action against those who violate the law. We pride ourselves on helping people - by ordering refunds or restitution for consumers, by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of state government, and by working to maintain robust, healthy financial industries.

Washington General Service employees in the unit are represented by the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE). This position is a non-represented position.


Salary: $77,616.00 - $138,360.00 Annually


Some of What You Will Do:

  • Effectively oversee and manage the enforcement unit supervisors and staff.
  • Plan, lead, organize, and control the work performed by the enforcement unit.
  • Assure appropriate and optimum use of the unit's resources and enhance the effectiveness of employees through timely appraisals and professional development opportunities.
  • Budget for the unit and share responsibility for the Division in business planning.
  • Direct all investigations including complaints process for purposes of developing administrative, civil and criminal cases.
  • Conduct technical final review of unit reports, charges, orders, investigative reports and other unit generated work assignments for quality standards, acceptability, accuracy, timeliness and legal ramifications.
  • Administer the investigation caseload, including the coordination, planning and assignment of investigations to legal examiners.
  • Coordinate and direct joint investigations with other Department Divisions and other state or federal agencies.
  • Monitor all enforcement activity and makes recommendations to the Division Director on appropriate enforcement activity.
  • Handle testimony of complex issues and issues of political or public sensitivity.
  • Testify in administrative proceedings, civil actions, criminal trials, and Agency hearings.
  • Assist executive management as necessary.

Required Qualifications:
A Juris Doctor (JD) or equivalent law degree, and member in good standing with the Washington State Bar Association.    

Desired Qualifications:

  • Criminal Prosecution experience.
  • Criminal or civil litigation experience.

Desired Knowledge of:

  • Personnel management.
  • Financial organization, practices and internal controls of non-depository and depository financial services companies.
  • State and federal statutes and rules applicable to non-depository and depository financial services companies.
  • Court decisions and regulatory opinions applicable to federal and state non-depository and depository financial services companies.
  • Washington statutes and regulations implemented by the Agency and their relationship to federal statutes and regulations and the statutes and regulations, uniform legislation or model rules, state and federal guidance, and other comparable states' statutes and regulations.
  • The state and federal Administrative Procedures Act
  • Federal and state Financial Crimes and Consumer Protection Laws.
  • Non-depository and depository financial services companies' information systems software and hardware and examination techniques and internal controls of those systems.
  • Economic principles and theoretical principles and practices of auditing and accounting (GAAP).
  • The impact of broadening the regulation of non-depository and depository financial institutions or financial services companies or issuers.
  • Federal preemption concepts and policy implications.
  • Financial holding company provisions allowed by federal law.
  • Advanced investigation techniques
  • Budget processes.
  • Media relations.
  • Financial trends analysis.

Official Work Station:
Your official work station will be defined as the Tumwater Headquarters Office.  A hybrid work schedule is available.


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