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Industrial Appeals Review/Mediation Judge

Industrial Appeals Review/Mediation Judge

The Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals is recruiting for Industrial Appeals Review/Mediation Judges.


Salary Range: Effective 7/1/22 - $106,152 – 114,360. Employees assigned to the Seattle Office receive an additional 5% premium pay.


Location: This recruitment pool will be used to fill positions as they become available in Lakewood, Olympia, Seattle, Spokane, and Yakima.



Duties include but are not limited to:

· Review written proposed decisions and orders of Industrial Appeals Judges, motions for stay of benefits, motions for stay of abatement, and applications for approval of claim resolution settlement agreements.

· Recommend action to the Board in written memoranda.

· Draft final orders for signature of the Board.

· Conduct mediation and settlement conferences and prepare orders on agreement of parties.


Required Qualifications:

· Must be an active or judicial member of the Washington State Bar Association.

· Significant knowledge and experience in Washington State Industrial Insurance law.

· Significant experience as a presiding officer or attorney in proceedings before state or federal tribunals in which the rules of evidence are followed.


Desirable Qualifications:

The BIIA is most interested in candidates who have relevant experience, skills and abilities:

  • Excellent legal writing skills.
  • Clear and effective oral communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to research and apply appropriate laws, rules and procedures.
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct mediation conferences while maintaining order and exhibiting judicial temperament and demeanor.
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain and manage a mediation caseload to effectively and efficiently use the resources of the agency.
  • Demonstrated advanced litigation management skills, particularly in complex litigation involving diverse interests advocated by multiple skilled professionals.
  • Demonstrated ability to rule on admissibility of evidence and procedural issues consistent with pertinent law and procedural rules and develop a record that is sufficient for decision.
  • Demonstrated ability to discern and sift through jurisdictional details.
  • Fluency in languages in addition to English.
  • Demonstrated ability to use computers and software applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and other computer programs.
  • Demonstrated ability to act in a professional and ethical manner and treat all people with dignity and courtesy.
  • Demonstrated ability to meet performance standards, deadlines, and work schedules.

Please contact Christy Sterling, HR Manager, at or 360-753-6823, ext. 1123 if you have any questions.

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