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Pierce County Superior Court - Court Commissioner

The Pierce County Superior Court Judges are soliciting applications for two full-time positions of Court Commissioner with an anticipated start date of early 2021.  The announcement and application materials can be found on the Pierce County Superior Court website at:


Application Requirements:


Applicant shall complete a Pierce County Personnel Application, Superior Court Supplemental Questionnaire and Release of Information. Packets may be obtained from the the links below.


Applications should include a letter of interest and resume describing education, experience and any other qualifications relating to the position.


The Supplemental Questionnaire and Release of Information form contains specific questions regarding education and employment history as well as other relevant information in order that the Judges will be able to give appropriate consideration to each applicant.


Applicants must have been admitted to practice law in Washington State a minimum of eight (8) years prior to appointment.


Application Deadline:


Applications will be accepted through Friday, September 18, 2020, at 4:00 p.m. and should be emailed to Superior Court, Applicants will receive an acknowledgement email in response. If an acknowledgement email is not received, please call Superior Court Administration at 253-798-8664. No late applications will be accepted.


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