Deputy Hearing Examiner

Position Description:


The City of Seattle Office of Hearing Examiner is seeking a Deputy Hearing Examiner to conduct quasi-judicial hearings, and issue written decisions in cases assigned by the Hearing Examiner. The office is a small, separate

and independent office of the City that conducts fair and impartial administrative hearings, authorized by Seattle Municipal Code, and is Seattle's forum for reviewing whether the law has been correctly applied in agency

decisions. The office handles a wide range of case types, the majority of which are land use-related, but also include other case types that concern for example land-lord tenant issues, discrimination, labor standards, various citation appeals (e.g. Department of Transportation, Fire Department, etc.), and B & O Tax appeals.


Hearing Examiner decisions can have a substantial impact on applicants and others concerned about or affected by City agency decisions and recommendations. You will be responsible for facilitating hearings that can range in length from an hour to multiple days, writing decisions and recommendations based on the record from the hearings, and managing an independent case



Minimum Qualifications: Candidates must have a minimum of:


At least:

o 5 years of legal practice experience; and

o 2 years of experience in conducting administrative or courtroom hearings;

Excellent research, writing and analytic skills; Be an active attorney member of the Washington State Bar Association in good standing; The ability to balance a diverse caseload and meet Code-imposed deadlines; and A valid Washington driver's license.


Desired Qualifications: Familiarity with the Seattle Municipal Code, a mix of private and public law practice experience, and trial experience are each a plus. Experience in conducting mediations is beneficial. Demonstrated expertise in Washington State land use and environmental, real property, administrative and

constitutional law is also desired.



Qualified candidates must submit a letter of interest, resume, writing sample, and City of Seattle employment application with all fields completed. It is expected that initial interviews will be scheduled beginning October 2, 2020.

Mailing Address:

 P.O Box 1873  Seattle, WA 98111