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City Prosecutor

This is professional legal work with primary responsibility for prosecution of criminal misdemeanor violations and traffic infractions in Auburn Municipal Court. Duties, responsibilities and tasks shall be divided among the prosecutors with a focus on periodic rotation, to assure a relatively even division of work and to provide a varied work experience for the prosecutors.


Primary Duties

  1. *Prosecutes violations of City's criminal and traffic code.

    *Handles court proceedings including: arraignments, pre-trial hearings and motions, jury and bench trials, sentencings, review hearings and appeals.

    *Prepares cases for prosecution including contacting the Police Department, witnesses, victims and defense attorneys.

    *Prepares briefs in all court proceedings, including appeals.
  2. *Prosecutes cases in Municipal and District Courts and handle appeals to Superior Court, Court of Appeals and Washington Supreme Court.

    *Performs legal research on issues relating to criminal prosecution, traffic infractions and drug seizure and forfeiture actions.

    *Maintains and applies knowledge of criminal/traffic misdemeanor law; drug seizure and forfeiture law; criminal procedure including filing of citations and complaints; pretrial motions; jury and bench trials; sentencing procedures; and municipal and general law.

    *Manages criminal prosecution caseload, coordinating with Police Department and Courts for effective and efficient case management.

    *Grasps complex factual data, draws appropriate conclusions and formulates sound legal decisions in the performance of job duties.

    *Communicates complex legal ideas orally and in writing to a variety of audiences in a clear, comprehensive and professional manner.

    *Drafts briefs and ordinances, and organizes the criminal prosecution function for the most efficient operation.
  3. *Drafts briefs and ordinances, and organizes the criminal prosecution function for the most efficient operation.

    *Advises the City Attorney and/or Assistant City Attorney on appropriate changes to be made to the City Code to conform to state laws and case law requirements.

    *Works courteously, cooperatively, effectively and professionally with public officials, City Attorney staff, City Staff, the Police Department, the Courts, private attorneys, public defenders, supervisor, and the public in prosecutions and in carrying out duties and responsibilities of the position.

    *Effectively handles a heavy caseload and works with several cases simultaneously.

    *Regular, reliable and punctual attendance.

    *Due to internal and external customer service needs, incumbent must be able to work a full time schedule, on-site (appropriate City work sites).

    *Maintains confidentiality regarding sensitive and/or legal information.
  4. *Works effectively under pressure and with frequent interruptions.

    *Completes work and projects in a thorough and timely manner.

    *Understands and follows directions from supervisors, posted work rules and procedures.

    *Shows initiative in performing job duties.

    *Performs related work as required.

    *= Primary function.
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