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Assistant United States Attorney

About the Office:

The United States Attorney’s Office (USAO) for the Western District of Washington (WDWA) is responsible for representing the federal government in virtually all litigation in Western Washington that involves the United States. A large portion of the work involves investigating and pursuing criminal prosecutions for violations of federal law. The office also handles civil lawsuits by or against a Department or agency of the United States, actions to collect judgments and restitution on behalf of victims and taxpayers, and matters to ensure the Civil Rights of Washingtonians are protected. The USAO is divided into two litigating Divisions (Criminal and Civil). The main office is located in Seattle, Washington and a branch office is located in Tacoma, Washington. The office has an authorized strength of approximately 74 Assistant United States Attorneys.


As the federal agency whose mission is to ensure the fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans, the Department of Justice is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. To build and retain a workforce that reflects the diverse experiences and perspectives of the American people, we welcome applicants from the many communities, identities, races, ethnicities, backgrounds, abilities, religions, and cultures of the United States who share our commitment to public service.


Job Description:

The Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs) in the Criminal Division pursue prosecutions for violations of federal law that occur within the District. Criminal Division AUSAs advise federal law enforcement agents on criminal investigations, present criminal cases to the grand jury, try criminal cases before the United States District Court, and at times represent the United States in appeals before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


The attorneys hired for these positions may be located in either the Seattle or Tacoma office. Applicants should state their preference of office location in the cover letter. Further, any applicant hired for a position to be located in the Tacoma office shoul


d anticipate spending the first several months in the position working at the Seattle office for training. Work in the Tacoma office also requires periodic travel to Seattle as needed for casework and additional training.



The applicants must possess a J.D. Degree, be an active member of the bar (any jurisdiction), and have at least three years post-J.D. experience. Ideal qualifications include at least five years of post-J.D. litigation experience, with some experience in criminal law and a commitment to public service.


Applicants must demonstrate a quick analytical ability and an ability to synthesize a wide range of data, help direct an investigation and have the ability accurately and precisely to articulate the critical issues in a case. Applicants must demonstrate superior oral and writing skills, strong research and interpersonal skills, and good judgment.  Applicants must possess excellent communication and courtroom skills, and exhibit the ability to work in a supportive and professional manner with other attorneys, support staff and client agencies.

Applicants must have a demonstrated capacity to function, with minimal guidance, in a highly demanding environment and in the highest ethical manner.


Applicants will be expected to do their own legal research and writing, and will be substantially self-sufficient in preparing day-to-day correspondence and pleadings.  Applicants also must demonstrate excellent computer literacy skills to include experience with Internet research, electronic court filing, electronic mail, data management, word processing, and video-conferencing systems.


The Administratively Determined Pay Plan salary structure is based primarily on the number of years of professional attorney experience and can be found here:



AUSA pay is based primarily on the number of years of professional attorney experience, with a base range of $56,983 - $149,044. Locality pay for Seattle/Tacoma adds 28.28%, up to a maximum salary for those with 9+ years of experience of $176,200.



Occasional travel within and outside the District will be required.


Application Process:

Interested persons must email the following items in pdf format to the email address listed below:

Nicholas W. Brown

United States Attorney

700 Stewart Street, Suite 5220

Seattle, Washington 98101

  1. A cover letter referencing Vacancy Announcement: 23-WDWA-AUSA-01 (Criminal- Seattle/Tacoma)
  2. A detailed resume that includes the month/year start and end dates for each position held;
  3. A law school transcript for any applicant with less than five years of experience as an attorney;
  4. An excerpt or sample of your writing that is no more than ten pages, meeting the criteria set forth below; and
  5. Current Department of Justice employees are encouraged to include a copy of their most recent annual performance evaluation (optional).

Writing Sample: Include a sample of your legal writing, such as a portion or all of an appellate brief,  motion and memorandum of points and authorities, or opinion letter. The writing sample should be a recent example of your work and demonstrate your ability to analyze legal issues and present that analysis in written form.


The sample should be predominantly your own work. If the document was edited by others, include a cover memo that briefly describes the level of editing that occurred.  Samples must not exceed ten pages, not including any cover memo.


Applicants should familiarize themselves and comply with the relevant rules of professional conduct regarding any possible conflicts of interest in connection with their applications. In particular, please notify this Office if you currently represent clients or adjudicate matters in which this Office is involved and/or you have a family member who is representing clients or adjudicating matters in which this Office is involved so that we can evaluate any potential conflict of interest or disqualification issue that may need to be addressed under those circumstances.


Application Deadline:

Thursday, November 3, 2022


Relocation Expenses:

Relocation expenses are not authorized.


Number of Positions:

1 or more

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