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Advisory Committee Chair

Recruiting for the position of Chair of the OPD Advisory Committee

RCW 2.70.030 creates a 13-member OPD Advisory Committee and directs the Committee to:

· Meet at least quarterly;

· Review at least biennially the performance of the OPD Director, and submit reviews to the Chief Justice;

· Receive reports from the OPD Director;

· Make policy recommendations to the Legislature and the Supreme Court;

· Approve the office’s budget requests;

· Advise the Director regarding administration and oversight of the office’s program areas;

· Carry out other duties as authorized or required by law.

As provided in RCW 2.70.030, the Chief Justice of the Washington Supreme Court appoints the Chair of the OPD Advisory Committee. During the term of appointment, no appointee may:

· Provide indigent defense services funded by a city, a county, or the state, except on a pro bono basis;

· serve as a judge except on a pro tem basis or as a court employee; or

· serve as a prosecutor or prosecutor employee.

Desirable qualifications for OPD Advisory Committee Chair

  • Demonstrated commitment to the right to counsel and the delivery of high-quality public defense services throughout the state of Washington
  • Demonstrated values of social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate
  • Reputation for integrity
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and sustain respectful professional relationships with a diverse community of legislators, judges, public defenders, state employees, and others
  • Demonstrated visionary, yet strategic and practical, thinking

The OPD Advisory Committee vigorously pursues diversity among its membership. Women, racial and ethnic minorities, persons over 40 years of age, persons of disability, military veterans, and persons with lived experience in the justice system are encouraged to apply.

Honoring diversity, equity and inclusion means that the Office of Public Defense and the OPD Advisory Committee are committed to ensuring a respectful, safe, and supportive work environment.

Application process

Qualified candidates may apply by submitting the following to the OPD Director or OPD Executive Assistant, who will conduct an initial review of applications and forward recommendations to the Chief Justice.

· Letter of interest, describing your interest in the position and your specific qualifications

· Current résumé

Submit application materials by email to:

OPD Director, Larry Jefferson at; and

OPD Office & Human Resources Manager, Tracy Sims at

Application deadline is 5 p.m., Friday, December 2, 2022.

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