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Manal Al-ansi

Vice President - Community Engagement

Manal Al-ansi is an attorney and the Principal Equity Consultant of T.E.N. Consultants LLC., a Seattle-based equity firm founded and led by Women of Color specializing in racial equity strategies, competence-building, goal operationalization, and cultural-shifting within organizations. She is also a Strategic Advisor for the Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI) in the City of Seattle. The goal of RSJI is to end institutional racism in city government.

 Manal has worked to institutionalize racial equity and promote sustainable development in: education, community ownership and wealth, healthcare, criminal justice, public transportation, workforce management, and government (local, state, and federal). She has gained this experience through community organizing and by working with organizations such as the Congressional Black Caucus, the Minority and Justice Commission, Teach for America, the Northwest Immigrant Rights Projects, and more. She is also a board member of the Loren Miller Bar Association (LMBA) and Tabor 100.

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